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Change of HEART (Here for Equity, Advocacy, Reflection and Transformation) is a community-engaged research study with the overarching goal of making meaningful and sustainable improvements for Temple’s Black birthing people and their short- and long-term cardiovascular health. As part of this research, the Change of HEART study team is sponsoring anti-racism trainings, workshops and groups designed for Temple Health clinicians and staff that are involved in the care of Black birthing people and their infants throughout pregnancy and the first year postpartum.

The Change of HEART (Here for Equity, Advocacy, Reflection and Transformation) Program is a collaboration among community providers and thought leaders from Philadelphia’s Maternal Wellness Village, clinicians and staff from Temple Health, including Temple Obstetricians Dr. Gail Herrine and Dr. Wadia Mulla as study co-investigators, and researchers from Temple University’s Program for Maternal Health Equity. The full study investigative team also includes academics and researchers from other institutions in Philadelphia (Drexel and Jefferson) and beyond (Duke and Columbia) as well as the Change of HEART Community Advisory Board (CAB) with its 9 members representing Black parents, doulas, nurses, midwives, lactation consultants and physicians who offer additional input and wisdom from their lived and professional experiences.