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Saleemah McNeil’s birthing experience was nothing like what she had imagined. In fact, what unfolded at the hospital was more akin to a horror story. But because Saleemah and her son were both alive, health care professionals deemed it a success. However, the standard of care needs to shift beyond just survival so that Black birthing people can feel safe and supported when bringing their babies earthside.

Birthright Podcast

Birthright live! The restoration episode

In this first Restoration episode of season 2, reproductive psychotherapist and CEO of Oshun Family Healing, Saleemah McNeil, and host Kimberly Seals Allers gather at SaksWorks Flagship in NYC to hold space for Black women who’ve experienced medical-related trauma.


Bridging Philly Podcast

Black Maternal Health Week: Maternal Equity and the Impacts Doulas have on Pregnant Women.

According to a 2020 report from the Philadelphia Department of Public Health’s Maternal Mortality Review Committee, half of the city’s 26 pregnancy-related deaths could have been prevented.



Wake Up With WURD 4.13.22 – Saleemah McNeil

Saleemah joined Wake Up With WURD to talk about Black Maternal Health Week, the disparities that Black mothers face, and how to combat those disparities.


Release HER Podcast

Release Her Black Maternal Health Week

Liberating the Womb conversation with Saleemah McNeil.
Celebrating the 5th Annual Black Maternal Week!!!



‘We Know What the Research Says:’ Transforming Peripartum Care for Black Birthing People
Three Black women researchers are supporting and fortifying the networks of diverse birthing support needed to address health inequities for Black birthing people.

The Best Birthing Positions, According to Experts and Parents
From standing to hands and knees, birth experts and parents explain why the best positions to give birth don’t involve lying on your back. Many of us are used to seeing images of people giving birth in a standard “hospital” position: reclining in bed with legs up, as a doctor coaches the laboring to push from the foot of the bed.